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Fall Fishing

Posted: 9/25/2006

Larry Collins

Fall fishing is here and a little cooler weather is nice. During the past weeks we have talked about fish locators and their use now let’s talk about boats. Do you really need a big fancy boat and huge motor to catch fish? No. But you sure look good on the water in one of them and you can race over the lake looking much like your favorite pro fisherman. Yes I have been guilty of doing that exact same thing in years past. Did I start out in a new boat? No. I started in a small wooden boat sculling my father around a small farm pond. It took me many years to work myself up from a small boat into a bigger boat until I was into a new fancy boat with a one of a kind fiberglass cover that looked much like a space ship going down the road. Was I catching more fish? No not really but I was enjoying a sport that I had grown to love and was making it pay it’s own way so I was not taking money out of what it took to pay bills for the family.

Today I see lots of younger fishermen that just have to have that new boat first or they just can’t possibly catch any fish. What a great job of brain washing the fishing industry has done over the years. You can still catch just as many fish from a small boat and yes you can win tournaments out of a small boat. With the price of fuel doing what it is and there is no going back it will only go up from now on so maybe you need to take a long hard look at just what you are doing to your families when you spend thousands of dollars on a fancy outfit to look good and in your own mind become a pro fisherman. Take a hard cold look around and see how many fishermen you know that are making a living from fishing that are fishing tournaments today. Wow not a lot right!

Fishing has gotten out of hand when it comes to outfits. I for one have gone back in time to a small aluminum boat and small motor to experience the thrill of catching fish. I still catch as many as I always have maybe more and with out spending a lot of money doing so. Sure I am not a big time pro fisherman and don’t know that I was ever in that circle but I now enjoy the thrill of catching fish. I don’t care if it’s bass, crappie, stripers or catfish it is the love of fishing that I have gone back to enjoying. I still catch fish flipping, spinner bait fishing or crank bait fishing doing all the things that I did out of a much larger nicer boat but at a greatly reduced cost. Next week I will outline how to set up a smaller boat so you can fish for several different species of fish and even compete in money tournaments on a small budget. I will try to give information as to the cost of setting up a fishing boat on a budget that will take you where you need to go to catch fish. Till next week I’ve gone fishing.

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