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Fishing at Night

Posted: 6/5/2006

Larry Collins

Just a little cooler weather this week as we get into the first of summer. The fishing has picked up some but still the fish are not locked into the summer patterns. As the heat comes to the lake those that love to fish look for ways and times to continue to enjoy their sport and lots of them look to night time. Once the sun goes down the lake cools off fishing at night is one of the only ways to be comfortable.

Fishing after dark has its advantages but also one must be able to adapt to seeing once the darkness covers the lake. Night lights which are lights that show up certain types of fishing line like they were ropes are used by some and others use only small lights to tie on different baits and adapt to feeling their baits once cast. Pier light fishing becomes popular with many bass taken from around lighted piers. It is amazing how many fish you can see swimming just outside the borders of a lighted pier many that will not bite anything. All species of fish are seen from catfish to stripers.

After you experience fishing at night you may find it to be one of your favorites or you may hate it. For many seeing as you move from place to place is one of the biggest problems with night time fishing. I for one have a hard time seeing so I have to move very slowly from place to place. A pontoon boat is one of the best boats to fish from as you can move slowly and you have room to walk around with out fear of falling into the water. Fishing from a bass boat is done and it is fine but you must use caution so as to not make a miss step and end up in the lake.

Live bait fishing is very popular when fishing at night. Most fishermen use minnows as their live bait choice at night others try to get shad as their prime bait. No matter what you use at night you may catch everything from catfish to stripers. On nights when the fish are active and you have found a hot spot it can really be exciting. It also gets very cool later during the night and you need to always be prepared with some light jackets in your boat. For some who spend the night on the water they go to sleep late and wake up early to try for some top water action just before and at the crack of dawn. Fishing at night is a whole different world from fighting the heat of the day and can be very rewarding. It can be relaxing just getting away from the day time activity. No matter your choice of types of fishing or times of the day always remember safety on the water at all times. Have a great week I’ve gone fishing.

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