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Topwater Fishing

Posted: 7/3/2006

Larry Collins

Top water action is some of the most exciting action that can be had fishing for bass. I can’t think of any action that is enjoyed more by a majority of the bass fishermen nation wide. Of course if you ask which top water baits are the best then the discussion is on because each one of them has different baits that they believe will work best. Top water baits are of a wide variety. You have the buzz bait that you have to keep moving for it to stay on top. You have the Pop R type baits that have a concave front to them that spit water forward as you jerk them across the surface. You have the nip-o-diddy type that has two propellers one on each end that spin and churn up the water and also will cause the water to spray out from the blades. Then you have the stick type baits some have rattles inside them for more noise and others are quiet except for the noise that they makes as the jump from side to side.

All top water baits require that the angler uses some type rod action. With out the rod action these baits would not produce they would just set on the water. The anglers are the ones that make the baits work so they attract bass and other species of fish such as stripers here on Lake Martin. Each angler has their favorite bait and the action required to make them produce. Some anglers even spend hours tuning individual baits to make them work better. They also buy or have made special rods just to throw each type lure. It can take hours of practice to get good at certain baits and develop confidence in what each will do.

Professional anglers even go the extent to make their own baits so they can color them and make them into just the right bait for the area that they are going to fish. Commercial bought top water baits are good with some much better than others. In today’s fishing world of special baits some top water baits will sell for upwards of thirty dollars. The question is does any of these special made or expensive top water baits really catch more fish. There are some fishermen that will argue that they do but in reality there are a lot of cheaper top water baits that will produce just as well. Many good top water baits can be bought at yard sales where the fishermen are getting older and just sell all their old stuff. If they caught bass thirty years ago they will also catch bass today and just as well. It would take a very long article to cover some of these baits but starting next week I will try to cover some of the older baits that caught huge stringers thirty or more years ago. By the time you read this the fourth of July 2006 will be over and I hope you have had a safe and enjoyable day. Till next week I’m just thinking about fishing. Have a great week.

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