Fishing at Lay Lake, Alabama
Since being impounded in 1914 by the Alabama Power Company, Lay Lake is best known for its spotted and largemouth bass fishing. A high quality largemouth and spotted bass fishery exists at Lay Reservoir. Largemouth bass up to 18-inches are abundant and with moderate numbers of larger bass. Spotted bass up to 18-inches are very abundant with moderate numbers of larger fish. Crappie 9- to 12-inches are moderately abundant and are found throughout the lake associated with woody cover and weed beds. In 1993, a 9-inch minimum length limit was implemented on crappie to help protect younger fish. Anglers have supported this length limit overwhelmingly. Bream fishing is also very popular in Lay Lake. Bream offer a good summer fishery in creeks with woody cover and around weed beds. The best fishing for largemouth bass, crappie, and bream occurs in creeks and shallow water sloughs. Anglers targeting spotted bass should fish riverine portions of the lake.

In the upstream end of Lay Lake, the tailwater fishery below Logan Martin Dam is excellent for hybrid striped bass and catfish. Striped bass are also present. The tailwater area is also popular with anglers who enjoy fishing for largemouth and spotted bass when shad are running along the banks. The 2002 Bass Masters Classic was won in this area. The Logan Martin tailwater is an extremely high use fishery, very popular with local anglers. Currently, anglers are practicing a great deal of catch and release. A fish consumption advisories exists for portions of Lay Lake. Consult the Alabama Department of Public Health for updates or news releases before consuming fish from Lay Lake. State regulation prohibits commercial fishing on Lay Lake.
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